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The Thinking Different Ways to Take Care of Your Pets


One of my friends told me the other day she had company over for dinner, and during that time they walked outdoors just to get fresh air and her friends remarked: “what a cute birdhouse you have hanging on your tree but are there any birds using it now due to cold weather.”  They were so surprised to find out it was not a birdhouse, but a bark control method that looks like a birdhouse.

So I pointed out to them how it works when dogs become a nuisance and continue to bark excessively.  The bark control birdhouse can be placed anywhere in the front or back yard and is very attractive as you well know, but no one would realize that this is not an actual birdhouse.

My friends wanted to know how the birdhouse works, so again I pointed out that this is not an actual birdhouse, but an ultrasonic bark control birdhouse that detects excessive barking and has a microphone that picks up sound and activates the component.  When activated a high pitched ultrasonic sound is emitted that is safe for humans, but not to dogs because it is offensive to them, hence the high pitch will help to control the dog from barking excessively.

I feel sure that most people have faced this problem one time or another, and sure does not sit well with neighbors when the barking dogs continuously bark when the pet family is not at home, there probably is no reason other than most likely being bored and lonesome as well, so what kind of life is that for a house dog that is supposed to be part of the family, but in reality, is not.

Perhaps many pet parents do not realize the care taken in flying their pets on the pet-friendly airlines that are only for pets and do NOT put them in cargo, so here are a few things that the pet parent may want to know in flying their pet children.  All regular seats have been removed with no overhead bins … and all the pet carriers are protected by using special fasteners that keep the carrier in place so there is no chance of accidental movement.

The airplane is well lighted so the pet attendant can monitor the pet and make sure they are okay, the plane maintains a constant climate-controlled temperature for the pet child’s comfort and makes sure that fresh air is constantly circulating at all times.  All of the pet carriers face the aisle so the pet attendant can easily watch over the pet while walking up and down the aisle.

Veterinarians recommend not to feed your pet child within 4 hours of travel, this also includes any treats during the flight, and to prevent the pet child from getting queasy, they will not receive any food or drink while in the air due to the altitude and motion of the plane.  If your pet child requires medication during the flight, please specify this when you make the reservation.

The medication with written instructions when you check-in your pet child at the reservation counter so the pet attendant will know exactly how to administer the medication per your instructions.  The pet-friendly airlines will do everything they possibly can to make your pet comfortable, and at the same time reassure the pet parent that their pet will be well taken care of.   Note: Dogs and Cats have separate areas.

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