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New Year New School and New Lifestyle for Your Child


Another great aspect of the blog conference was the morning keynote speaker, Neha Gandhi the VP of Editorial Strategy at Refinery 29. All of the advice she gave on the job search and career path climb was valuable, but one message stuck out to me in particular, “You shouldn’t stay in a job where you’re not learning”.

As a soon to be a college senior this remark doesn’t currently apply to my career, but it does apply to my college experience. In fact, it goes perfectly with the news I am finally able to share today. I have decided to transfer to the University of South Carolina for my senior year of college. The best thing is that your child is love to go to the new year’s new class with new lifestyle.

A large part of me felt like this decision was a reach for months, but the fact that I had originally attended the University of South Carolina before transferring to Siena College in the spring semester of my freshman year allows me to finish my degree at the same time I would have had I stayed.

That’s not the only reason why I was hesitant to leave. At the beginning of the fall I helped launch the Her Campus chapter at Siena, began taking classes for my newly chosen major, and eventually developed new friendships that I hadn’t had during my first two years at the school. These new ties lead me to believe that transferring during my senior year would leave things unfinished at Siena.

After a lot of pacing, panicking and even a little crying (all while at my brother’s orientation in Columbia, SC two weeks ago) I realized that by not taking this chance I would be crazy not to go to South Carolina this fall.

I spent almost all of the last two years thinking about how different my college experience would be if I hadn’t transferred during my first year. Would I be happier? What would my major be? How great would it be to not suffer through an upstate New York winter again?

If I had all of these questions, all of these regrets, why shouldn’t I go? At this point, I feel like I have had a great experience at school, but if I graduated and never had another chance to go back to school in South Carolina I would definitely regret it.

More than that though I am graduating from college this spring, yet I really don’t know what I want to do after that. Part of me wants to go to grad school, but I also wonder whether or not that’s what I really want to do. By staying at my current school I would have almost the same experience as I did last year.

I wouldn’t learn anything new about myself or my future career, so why stay there when I know that in South Carolina I would have a totally different experience which will give me the opportunity to learn more about myself.

This isn’t to say that Siena College isn’t a great school-because it is-just not for me. It’s so easy to offend someone when you say anything negative about a school they go to, a place they live, even their favorite book, but I think it’s important to remember how different each person is. What works for one person, may not work for another.

I think college applies to that idea. Each person looks for something different while applying or choosing a school, and while some of those different ideas may overlap into one school choice, not everyone who chooses the school will appreciate it in the same way. Sometimes a place can be great for a person for four years and other times it’s just a temporary stop on their journey.

Siena was an important place to stop along the way in the process of finding my own purpose. I know that I had to have that small school experience to show me which classes I struggled in and disliked that way I could figure out what I really loved to learn about. Attending a small school without a Her Campus chapter allowed me to help launch one and then hold a leadership position, which is something I may never have been able or willing to do at a larger school.

This school helped me transition from 18 years old and confused about what I wanted to do with my life to an older and more confident version of myself who actually had a better grasp on where I want to go next.

I am applying that quote from the conference to school. Why stay somewhere where I won’t learn anything new about myself? Why stay somewhere and wonder what it would be like to be somewhere else? I know that I could stay at Siena and have a good year, but I know that I would be missing out on a huge opportunity to learn even more by going somewhere different.

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