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In Search of a Unit Study for Children


My unit studies are a way to combine education plus fun. They start with an interesting topic, and then as the child learns more about the topic they will also learn aspects of English, Art, Math, Geography, Science, and more. The idea is to get kids interested in learning by making learning fun.

I started writing unit studies when homeschooling my youngest son. He was not the type of child who likes to sit and read. It was a bit more of a challenge teaching him as his attention span was not long. So at first, I created a unit study about Pirates.

He was thrilled to learn about pirates, to read about Blackbeard, figure out weights according to cannonball size, draw a wanted poster, and even learns map and compass skills. And so, we continued with Soldiers through Time which was a seven module unit study that ranged in history from Ancient Roman Soldiers to Soldiers of World War II.

After helping my son get interested in learning I thought maybe the unit studies could help others enjoy learning too! And so come a unit study on Spies, one on Cowboys and Superheroes as well as a three-part unit study on Forts across Canada. These unit studies became known as Education with a Bang series to help add excitement to education, specifically for boys.

Fashion through Textiles, a four-part unit study featuring wool, silk, cotton, and linen as well as the unit study on Herbology is part of the new line of unit studies that would be more appealing to girls but equally combine fun with education.

I continue to create unit studies and have many ideas in my head for new ones but sometimes I am not sure which one to start next. Constellations and the Mythology behind them sound very interesting. What about the History of Pets and how they became domesticated? Or what about Biomimicry – technology inspired by nature?

I just love to research the various topics and put them into a fun and interesting unit study that will help inspire children to learn. One 11-year-old boy who was reviewing Science Inspired by Superheroes was blown away by the fact that you could learn science from superheroes and chose to do the unit study instead of play on the Wii! What a great reward!

And so I continue, finding interesting topics to put into the fun and educational unit studies – always on the lookout for new ideas!

Sandra Wilson is an experienced home educator that is dedicated to putting the fun back into education!

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