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You Should Know About Childbirth Education and Education Fun


Strong Sexy Birth (formerly known as Biodynamic Childbirth), is a wellness-based and holistic approach to labor and birth that focuses on using the least amount of intervention necessary to maintain the well-being of both mother and baby. This modality of childbirth preparation encourages the birthing woman to be in the driver’s seat of her own birth experience.

Mamas and their partners learn and create their own “birth toolkit” of comfort techniques and coping strategies to naturally encourage the production of the hormones that will enhance the labor process and result in a more comfortable, positive, and empowering birth experience.

I believe that every woman should have the birth she desires, whether it be at home, in a birth center, or in the hospital, and Strong Sexy Birth techniques and philosophies can be used in any setting. When empowered, informed, and prepared, it is possible to have a confident and empowering birth anywhere, even if medical intervention is necessary.  It is important for you to feel safe and confident in your birthing environment and with the people surrounding and supporting you.

It is also very important for birth partners to feel well-prepared and confident in their abilities to support their birthing mamas both physically and emotionally throughout the birthing time. My goal is to help women and their partners to have the most satisfying birth experience possible by sharing the knowledge and tools I have gained through my life experiences and formal training. Giving birth is a normal, natural, challenging, and magical life event that will have a profound effect on your family.

Childbirth education empowers you with information to make informed choices regarding your care during this important time and increases your trust in your body’s own primal and innate ability to bring your baby into this world in the way you desire. My childbirth and postpartum classes will reduce your fear and anxiety surrounding birth and increase your confidence as you approach parenthood.

The big thinkers in education emphasize customized or individualized learning as the wave of the future

This is not a new concept to homeschoolers who teach individualized learning every day. One of the great methods to customize this individual learning is through unit studies. With a unit study, the concepts of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, and Art can be reinforced, while the student is learning about a subject they really enjoy.

If the subject is interesting and enjoyable, it will be easier to learn and the student will be more willing to learn. Unit studies focus on a specific topic; they can create an introduction to that topic and inspire further study.

They can supplement other educational resources to provide a bit of learning on their own, or even on the go. Unit studies are adaptable to a child; you can use only the activities/lessons that fit your child’s learning level or interest level rather than using everything and possibly causing a student to not have fun while learning.

You can create your own unit study about a topic that interests that child right now. Maybe your son wants a pirate birthday party – why not spend the week before on a pirate unit study that teaches as well as adds some fun. In the spring you can start a garden, keep a garden journal, learn about plants, etc. in a unit study based on the wonders of the garden.

There are so many unit studies available for download or in magazines and books that you could find one for almost any topic of interest to your child. Why not try your hand at putting one together. Search for worksheets, reading comprehension, crafts, and science experiments that fit into that theme.

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