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The Top Destinations in Germany for Best Travel


A big country to start with, Germany is full of wonderful castles and picturesque little villages just waiting to be discovered. There’s a lot to take in and you will find it impossible to cover it all in a single trip. The best you can do is to make a careful selection of your destinations in Germany so you have a good mix of the antique blended with the new.

Berlin Attractions

More than two decades after the Berlin wall came down, the reunified city has become the place to watch for the latest innovations in all things, whether business or fashion. Galleries, operas and chic nightclubs will fill for your nights while some incredible museums, castles and parks will keep you busy during the day.

Don’t forget to catch a picture with the scars left on the road where the wall once stood and make the best of the amazing restaurants for you aren’t likely to eat so well for so little very often in your life!

Munich Attractions

The Bavarian region is one of the most attractive in Germany and where else to begin your journey than the wonderful city of Munich. Equating the city only with the Oktoberfest is unkindness for this city of contrasts has so much more to offer. Whether you are losing yourself in the antique treasures of the Resident or drinking in the latest auto innovations at the BMW Welt, Munich will keep you breathless in one way or the other.

Nuremberg Attractions

A small city by all accounts, it’s a wonder how much Nuremberg has to offer the visitor. With the important role it played in World War II, history and war buffs will be kept busy at sites like the Nazi Parade Grounds, the Nazi Museum Documentation centrum, and the Trials Courthouse while the architectural enthusiasts can delight in the Old Town and Schloss.

Heidelberg Attractions

Round off your tour of Bavarian Germany at picturesque Heidelberg. Ranked amongst the crème de la crème of the wonderful German castles, Heidelburg Schloss is perched atop a hill overlooking the town and will remind you of many a fairy tale castle you dreamt of as a child.

The town below is absolutely charming and will keep you busy exploring its architecture and appealing cafes. The surroundings of the town are absolutely gorgeous and you will quite likely find yourself wishing you had dedicated your entire trip to this one single town.

Cologne Attractions

The city where its perfume namesake was born, Cologne is the largest city in the Rhine and is actually dissected by the Rhine River. While it abounds with all the galleries, museums, nightclubs, and cultural destinations that tourists may wish for, its chief attraction is the sheer poetry of its architecture and layout around the river, which will keep photography enthusiasts busy for their entire stay here.

Dresden Attractions

Another incredibly scenic city, this destination in Germany will be especially appealing to architectural and nature enthusiasts. Thanks to its popularity with the Saxon Kings for their choice of residence, the Dresden skyline is filled with domes, spires, and towers, and is considered one of the cultural centers of the country.

This is one city not to be hurried through for you will need time to admire the panoramic views of the city, visit some of its incredible churches and palaces, and get your fill of the magic of the city.

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