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Another Best Travel to Ireland Attractions Everyone


Ireland has a reputation as one of the greenest islands of the world and it has the lively Irish people with their rich heritage. Many people visit the island to admire the landscape or sink into the unique atmosphere of medieval cities and several hundred-year-old pubs. Ireland is part of the European Union and uses the euro as a currency. The best way of getting there is by plane through the airports of Cork, Dublin, and Knock.

Transportation is considered good and car rentals are available. The climate is mild, moist, and very changeable with a lot of rainfalls. Pack an umbrella in the summer because you might need it. Irish people speak English with a distinct accent and if you’re interested in linguistics, listen to their Gaelic language, which is a part of their heritage and widely used around Ireland.

Top sights in Ireland

The essence of a country can be truly admired in its capital. Dublin has all the things that are dear to the Irish. St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church with their thick stone walls remind you of Celtic times. A favorite place to visit is the Guinness Brewery.

Here you can see the production and secrets of the famous beer and of course taste fresh Guinness. The National Museum and Trinity College are a must and you shouldn’t leave without visiting Grafton Street and its numerous shops. The old town has the iconic colored doors and old pubs to cheer you up in the evening.

Aside from the capital, there are many things to see in the countryside. Ireland is famous for its ancient monuments. The Skellig Michael on the island of Great Skellig is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. You can see the beehive huts of the monks who once inhabited the island. Another ancient ruin is the Brunai Boinne in County Meath.

The site is a complex of Neolithic standing stones, burial chambers, and henges some dating from the 35th century BC and beyond. Trim castle is one of the largest castles of Ireland. It was the center of the Norman administration on the island. The castle is open for visitors and you can feel the medieval atmosphere within the walls. Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a true natural wonder.

Cork is the second most important city in Ireland. Once there make sure to visit the Red Abbey and St. Fibrate’s Cathedral both wonderful medieval churches. The city is also a fine example of Georgian style and you’ll surely pop into a picturesque mansion. For a great view of the city climb up to the church tower of Shandon.

University College is also a wonderful building like most educational centers in Ireland. Castle Street and Winthrop Street are also fine examples of Irish architecture. The English Market is a great place for shopping.

Once in Ireland make sure to taste the fine beers and some whiskey but drink it with moderation. Irish stews are excellent and you’ll enjoy soda bread with a pint for supper. Colcannon is an old national dish made with potatoes and kale. Make sure you taste them all once in Ireland.

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