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The Importance of Education Home or School and a Book


Educational importance before the industrial revolution was tied to:

1:- Learning.

2:- Preparation for wise leadership and personal achievement.

3:- Opening your mind to new ideas.

These are the requirements we can assume from all education. If these steps are not being achieved than a change in how children are taught is required.

When a child does not want a particular food then we suggest they just try a bit to taste it before they decide. So can be said for educational subjects Instead of assuming a child won’t like a subject or need a subject, we should let them try it – he/she may just like it.

I have always wondered how we can determine the career that will carry us through our life with only a few courses of introduction. I was very excited about studying Archaeology, then I took the first course and found that the preliminary work, gridding and such was not something I would enjoy doing endlessly. But I went in with an open mind and learned that that was not the path for me.

I am not a fan of the variety of requirements needed in order to receive enough credits for a high school diploma. Something from this group, two from that group, etc. Although it offers the choice to the student, it also limits choices and opportunities for them to excel at the subjects they enjoy the most.

Often, courses that are not suited to the student, but are required for a diploma can discourage learning and create avoidance of that class, or school altogether. As a homeschooler, I have been able to offer my children a variety of lessons, determined the ones that are not suitable, and finish them up early so as not to prolong the agony of an unwanted subject.

Students with choice, variety, and the ability to switch out of a lesson that is not working for them are learning, opening their minds to new ideas, and preparing the best base for personal achievement. Fulfilling all steps in the importance of education helps fulfill the student as well!

DiDi LeMay offers a heartwarming story of a little girl who sets out on a journey to feed the winter animals, and possibly see one or two while she walks in the woods. After exploring the forest for a little while she experiences a talking encounter with a squirrel. Although she tries to leave the forest she discovers that she is lost. She stumbles across a meeting of forest animals, some, not so friendly.

The little girl finds herself amidst an argument about humans and their disrespect for the environment, the animals, and the world around them. Then the girl begins an adventure that proves to the animals that not all humans disrespect nature, and she can help them. While rooting on this little girl on her quest it is a celebration between animals and humans that should be emulated around the world!

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