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Does Your Pet Bird Need a Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing


Have you ever seen lumberjacks roll a tree trunk in the water? 

Keeping their balance and trying to stay upright is not only challenging but excellent exercise.  This kind of exercise is important for all animals including humans and of course birds.

For a bird to be healthy he needs to have strong claws, strong claws that not only grip but adjust to the environment to enable him to perch where he wants to.  Keeping the claws strong and the sense of balance alive is important for a healthy bird, but how can this be achieved?

Family-owned Polly’s Pet Products know birds and they have the perfect solution for your bird when it comes to keeping your bird’s feet strong and healthy.  Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is a simple swing that looks just like any other swing but with a difference.

The center tube or pole that forms the perch rotates and forces the bird to find and maintain its balance. Using very simple technology the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is made from bringing colors and easy to clean materials

The Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is not only a good looking addition to your bird’s cage it is also a strong and sturdy addition.  The materials used in the manufacture of the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing are selected because of your bird.

Gripping the beam or pole that moves could easily damage the swing if the materials were of inferior quality and the swing would rapidly become a health hazard rather than a health promoter for your bird.

Available in 4 sizes: X-small, small, large, and X-large the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is suitable for birds of all sizes and the manufacturers describe the swing or roll as “Indestructible”.  Because Polly’s Pet Products understand birds then you can pretty much believe their word when it comes to the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing.

If you want to give you bird the best and you want to ensure his claws and feet are kept in their best state of health then you need a Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing.  The swing will make the perfect addition to your cage and your bird will thank you for it and chirp merrily as it sits on its swing getting a gym workout at the same time.

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