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Naperville Real Estate Market Snapshot a Look at the Past Month


Here is a look at what has been going on in Naperville over the past month. Instead of trying to take a look at a specific month, like March, I figured the best thing to do in being current was to just post and the statistics in that post are a look at the past month from that date. Make sense?

That way we are staying as current as possible because let’s face it…if I’m posting at the end of April on March’s statistics then who cares? I like up to date when I’m gathering information and so from here on out my statistics will be based on the day of the post and not for a conventional month. I will be looking at the Detached Single Family and Attached Single Family.

I will be looking at ACTIVE, UNDER CONTRACT, EXPIRED, and SOLD. Combined with these statistics I will provide up to date Absorption Rates. On top, I will be sharing anything that I feel is worth sharing. As always if you would like a specific neighborhood talked about or would like me to provide specific statistics just let me know. I’m always happy to help. Here we go:

Naperville Detached Single Family Homes

  • Under Contract: Naperville saw 158 units go under contract in the past month. The average market time for these was 166 days. The median list price. The average sales price. Looks like the price range with the most under contract was within 30 units and 120 days on market. The longest market time is the price range at 397 days on market.
  • Active Listings: In Naperville, we have 1,076 properties for sale with an average market time of 195 days. The median list price while the average price. The highest property for sale currently in Naperville is listed. Surprisingly the price range with the most current listings in the range with 165 properties for sale.
  • Wow. That’s a lot of million-dollar properties for sale. Not to mention the 21 other properties listed. Market time for properties under seems to be pretty consistent at roughly 130 days.
  • Expired Listings: In a “hot” market this is something I wouldn’t normally talk about because the numbers would be so small. But with today’s market here in Naperville I figured it is a great way to show what is going on out there. Over the past month, Naperville saw 41 properties expire off the market. Average market time at 286 days.
  • Sold Properties: This one just blew my mind. In Naperville, a city of close residents, there were only 6 closings in that past month for single-family homes. I triple checked to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and it is true. The past two months saw something in the neighborhood of 50 properties but that the past month was only 6. I was shocked by this number.
  • The average market time was really good at 95 days for those 6 units. Median sale price. I anticipate these numbers to increase significantly in the next month based on what I’m seeing out there today.
  • Current Absorption Rate for Naperville Detached Single Family Homes is 6.81 months.

Naperville Attached Single Family Homes

  • Under Contract: Currently 76 properties under contract in Naperville. The average market time is 138 days. Median List Price with an Average List Price range has the most under contract with 23. The highest attached single-family home went under contract listed.
  • Active Listings: There are 508 attached single-family homes currently available in Naperville. The most popular price range with 150 on the market. The average market time for all attached properties is 149 days with a Median List Price and an Average List Price. The highest-priced attached single-family currently available in Naperville is on market for Any takers?
  • Expired Listings: 16 units expired over the past month in Naperville. The average market time for those 16 units was 225 days. Median List Price.
  • Sold Properties: Like the Detached Single Family I’m a bit surprised at the numbers for the Attached Single Family that has sold. Only 8. Market time was 166 days average for those 8. Only two price ranges were even represented.
  • Absorption Rate for Attached Single Family Homes in Naperville: 6.68 months

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