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You Should Know All About Your Pet Dog Safety


We all walk our pet children at one time or another whether it is morning, noon, or night and of course all the pet children have their collar on with all the necessary information on their tags if they were to become lost.  There are so many different dog collars, but the lighted dog collars are just perfect for that special pet child.

Walking early in the morning before the pet parent has to go to work, or late in the evening hours when it starts to get dark, precautions must be in place in order to protect the pet child.  It is very hard to see someone walking their dog in these situations because of the oncoming traffic with their headlights on; lighted dog collars would be very easy to spot to forewarn oncoming traffic.

Walking the pet child can become later in the evening depending on the pet parents’ schedule, or earlier in the day, but a lot depends on the time of year before the time changes.  Lighted dog collars have a combination of a patented polymer and LED technology that has reflective stitching that is vivid and ideal for low light and nighttime visibility, also has a three-functional switch that provides an off, steady, and a flashing method to alert oncoming traffic.

The lighted dog collars use a replaceable lithium watch battery that provides illumination up to 200 hours in the flashing mode, is shockproof, spark-proof, and weather resistant.  If night time walking is something that is not done on a regular basis, that would be even safer for your pet child, but just like the pet parent that drives at night with their headlights on, please do not forget the lighted dog collars for your pet children.

Just published an article on dog car harnesses, but there cannot be enough said to influence a pet parent how important it is when taking their pet child along for a ride to not let them hang their head out of the window.  Distractions cause more accidents especially by allowing a pet child to do what they want to do when they are not confined.

Pets get very excited while riding and may want to give their pet parent a big fat kiss, or possibly jump into the front seat, or they are just plain out of control, so want is the driver supposed to do, correct the pet child while they are driving, this certainly is not a good idea.  If they see another pet being walked down the street while they are riding in a vehicle, they may run back and forth in the back seat panting or perhaps even barking, now you tell me if that is not a distraction, what is?

If there is anything that can be provided in looking after our pet children, we should make every effort to do so by purchasing a dog booster seat for protecting the pet child from a deadly accident.   If there is a passenger riding in the front seat they love to look out of the window to see what is going on around them, therefore; a dog booster seat is perfect for the pet child so they can see what is going on as well.

There are actually some cities that are considering passing a law against having a pet sit on the pet parents’ lap while they are driving.  Dog booster seats have grown in popularity in having a way to contain small pet children who weigh up to 30 pounds, so if you have a small pet get them a dog booster seat.

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