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You Should Love With Your Cat and Bargain-bin


I have to begin this post with a short story by means of an explanation of my bargain bin concept. Many years ago I was working maintenance on rotating night & day shifts where I was required to log the time in 24-hour format.

I hate to admit it, but it was sometimes confusing, working days & nights to remember that 3:00 A.M was actually 15:00hours. My young son was apparently paying attention because come to Father’s Day he proudly gave me the present of a new watch.

He happily showed me how with the push of one button it would light up, & with the push of another button, change to a 24-hour clock. The look on his face when he gave me the watch & saw my delight is one of my fondest memories. I, of course, have a great sentimental attachment to this watch. After about a year, the strap broke. It is just a black carbon fiber band and is not extremely durable.

Well, of course, I didn’t want to discard the watch, so I began hunting for a new band. It was impossible to find a replacement locally, so I was basically carrying a “pocket watch” for several months. Then, it occurred to me that I might be able to purchase one on the Internet. It didn’t take any time at all to find the exact band I required.

There was only one problem; the shipping fee was three times the cost of the watchband! It occurred to me that since I didn’t want to discard the watch, & the bands only lasted a year or so, perhaps I should see if there was a possibility of having 4 bands shipped at once for the same shipping fee.

The proprietor was happy to sell me 4 at once & assured me there would be no increase in the shipping fee. I’m on my third band now, but the watch is still working just fine. And the BEST PARTI still gets to relive my fond memory of the look on my son’s face when he gave me this watch, every time I look at it.

Now for the BARGAIN BIN, I am going to be offering the same service in my store. I will have the items on display in their categories but will include them in their description. This will enable my customers to have a selection of products, where they can purchase several different items, like cat toys, bird toys, bird treats, pet ear drops, etc. and not have to pay for shipping more than once.

Of course, these items will also be available for purchase individually, but for a $3 item, the minimum shipping charge for up to 1lb is $7 or so. I hope you like this idea. I will be starting its implementation immediately. Here are just one of the cat toys which this would apply to.

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