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Feel Like Punching People Often Violent Video Gaming and Ben 10 Journey


Violence on television and in movies has already proven to trigger aggression. This is true for video games as well. A recently conducted research has proven that gamers who are more into violent video games are prone to be more aggressive in real life. An international panel of experts revealed that exposure to violence on television; movies and even video games can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior.

Action, adventure games use a lot of blood and gore to make the gaming experience exciting for gamers. On top of it, the use of high definition graphics has given the gaming characters a lifelike appearance, increasing gamers’ capacity to remain unperturbed by the violence.

An International Society for Research on Aggression (IRSA) conducted research that suggested that people who are exposed to violent television programs and online video games are more like to show aggressive behavior in their day to day dealings. The increased exposure to all the violence makes the impulse to act upon violent thoughts and feelings stronger.

Many previously conducted research studies have voiced the same findings made on a number of reports produced over the years. Another study shows that many games that portray gore and blood and a lot of violence make some of the most popular games amongst gamers. Fighting, action, adventure games, which put gamers into the position of a character with big guns, are more likely to trigger aggressive behavior in them in their real life.

The research has emphasized the need of putting a muzzle on the violence showed on television and in movies where all of the unnecessary killings are said to be harmful to the public at large, harboring more violent behavior in the people. Violence or action is a huge selling point for video games and so whether or not game developers would pay any heed to the findings of this study is hard to say.

The new series is nearly here and so many Ben 10 fans are looking to catch up on the story so far. There are many ways in which you can keep in touch with the superhero and his friends whilst you patiently await the new series. It is no surprise that the show has become so popular with the amazing number of adventures and battles that Ben and his friends come across.

The new series sees Ben 10 as a little older, but way back when it all began he was just ten years old. He was on a summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and his cousin. His Grandpa has decided to take him away for the summer to have some fun.

His cousin Gwen wasn’t too impresses though as there were other things she would prefer to be doing! That fateful day came about when Ben went wandering into the woods and stumbled across this device that looked like a normal wristwatch. The watch attached itself to Ben and it wasn’t long before he found out it was so much more than that!

The watch was never meant to attach itself to Ben 10. It was always supposed to be found by Max, Ben’s Grandpa, and attached itself to Ben in error due to DNA similarities. Max is a member of a force, kind of like the police force, who tries to protect the planet from the evil aliens and the supernatural that try to take over.

No this device, known as the Omnitrix, has attached itself to Ben, he finds his life-changing very quickly. Ben has to suddenly be a bit more responsible, even though he is only ten, as he now has the ability to morph into a number of different alien species. He does keep his personality when doing so but takes on the abilities of the creatures to battle against evil.

The story of Ben 10 is fascinating and this is only a little part of it. This is the beginning of its briefest form. There have since been two further series and there is a new one to come to screens everywhere very soon.

If you want to get completely up-to-date with Ben and his friends before the new series is out, then you can easily with the features on the Cartoon Network website. You can watch full episodes and clips to see what’s been happening throughout the journey that has seen Ben adapt to the superhero lifestyle.

There are also many awesome games that you can play to find out what the journey has been like for him and his friends. The games are really cool and there are plenty to choose from. Finally, before you go off to watch the new series.

You can read up on the character profiles and get to know the main characters. You can even find out everything you need to know about the aliens that Ben can morph into so you will be ready and raring to watch once the new series is on air.

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