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The Best Civilization V Gaming Preview


Civilization is a turn-based strategic video game with a continuing chain of sequels for its different installments. The game has been built around the same philosophy, it is well known for. The player has to start building a civilization from scratch (pre-historic set of circumstances) to bring it into a modern era on the given game map.

The process involves intelligent use of the resources with smart maneuvering of diplomacy, proactive research, and appropriate use of the given military might.

The game’s first discussable upgrade has been the introduction of the newer game engine on Lua scripting. The maps have also been changed to hexagonal shape from the boring squarer ones. The game is said to support some 18 civilizations such as American, Arabian, Chinese, Persian, Indian, and a whole lot more. The game is anticipated to be available as a DLC as well and so far Babylonia in Nebuchadnezzar II has been offered as a bonus civilization in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

It is important to note that each of these 18 civilizations has a different set of characteristics. Each one has its own chosen leader to lead the civilization. Every one of these has either one or two of their unique unit’s superiority in one or two aspects over other civilizations. For example, American civilization will be led by George Washington.

It will have B17 bomber and Minutemen (earlier used in fighting by real America against colonial resistances) as two of its core military strengths though they haven’t been assigned any particularly architectural uniqueness. The unique ability given to the American civilization is the famous manifest destiny from the American past.

The game is also featured with AI. Four of the game’s levels will be controllable through AI which is; Tactical, Operational, Strategic, and Grand Strategic. The leaders leading the AI effort will have different sets of personalities. Each will have some strengths and weaknesses that would have a slight variation with each new game.

A newer twist has been added to win the game. You will have to complete the Utopia project to claim victory. To reach the Utopia project, you will have to complete a number of six social policy trees to start the project.

The final release date of the game has not yet been confirmed, albeit 2K Games is determined to release the game in September. The current version of the game is for the Windows platform, although some are anticipating a Mac OS release as well.

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