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The Best Children’s Fashion Trends for Ever


No matter what the ages of your children, you may want to ensure that they are kept in the latest fashion. New styles are introduced each quarter and while some of these new fashions may not even be available yet, you are likely to have a few of them already in your child’s closet.

Fashion trends tend to take a bit from past seasons and incorporate new styles. There are a few things that are coming into the season for this year that you may notice from past seasons.

Stripes come into style for children every year it seems. The nautical theme is looking to be a very popular style for last year and it incorporates stripes in red, white, and blue. Stripes will be in kids’ fashion in the form of dresses, shirts, jackets, and pants, and even for babies in one sees.

Neon colors are another popular choice for the upcoming season. You may remember neon colors from the ‘80s. These popular colors are bright and fun and kids really like them. Neon shirts, pants, dresses, and even shoes are going to be available from most of the major kids’ designers. There will even be a host of neon choices for moms and dads.

Pastels come into style virtually every spring and this year is no different. The last year will see loads of pastels for girls of all ages and a few for the male species as well. Pastel dress shirts and ties will be very popular among younger boys and they will be available in the lightest shades of yellow, mint green, blue and pink. You can even look for these pastel colors in a wide variety of sneakers and dress shoes.

Flowers are always a popular choice for little girls and this year’s designers have developed lots of bold flower designs. Boys will see flowers on swimming trunks and a variety of Hawaiian type t-shirts. Girls will have them on everything from dresses to shoes with sneakers having large flowered prints. Cute patterns or cartoon characters are also popular. No matter what your child’s favorite cartoon character, you are sure to be able to find fashion with that character imprinted.

Lace is another fashion staple that really never completely goes away. Lace is always popular on little girls’ dresses, socks, and shirts. Pants with lace trim are looking to come back. You may remember those from the late 80. This year sees loads of lace-trimmed pants in pastel and neon colors, incorporating many different styles into one design.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed at the number of fashion trends for children. Keep in mind that many of these were just as popular last year so if you have more than one child of the same gender, it is perfectly acceptable to pass those fashions down the line.

You can keep your child stylish without having to completely replace their wardrobe by simply using what you have and adding a few key accessories that introduce the colors and designs that are hot for this season.

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