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The Recycle Your Out of Date Fashion Pieces


Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be a bit expensive. Determining ways that you can follow those latest trends without spending a fortune on fashion allows you to keep up with the latest styles and still protect your budget.

Completely replacing your wardrobe every season is simply not feasible for most people but you can stay in style with what you already have in your closet.

Fashion trends tend to come and go and then come back again. This simply means that if you hold on to a piece long enough, it is sure to come back into style in the future. If you have something that has been in your closet for a couple of years, chances are that it is coming back in style soon. Graphics were very popular a few years ago and they have made quite the comeback.

Take those graphic T’s out and re-wear them. Or you can learn methods of recycling your fashion that turn each piece into something completely new and different. Take that old graphic T out of the closet and turn it into a scarf or take portions of it and sew them onto your favorite cut-off shorts to make a unique style that is very “in” this season.

Keep in mind that jewelry is a major part of fashion and adding a few pieces of clunky or colorful jewelry will instantly perk up any ensemble. If you do not have large or clunky jewelry, adding several pieces of smaller jewelry will do the trick. For instance, add two or three bracelets or necklaces together to get the latest look without having to go out and buy larger pieces.

Leggings are another fashion staple that seems to come and go and they have come back again. Skinny jeans resemble leggings and are very fashionable right now so if you have these items in your wardrobe, bring them out again. If you do not have the body type to pull the leggings look off, try skinny jeans.

Not only do you get the same look but jeans are a bit more flattering to those who are a bit heavier or who are not perfectly toned. They work great with virtually anything so you can choose skinny jeans to wear with your favorite t-shirt or add a more classic blouse that is a bit more formal.

Recycling fashion is not difficult and it can help you to save a bundle when you want to keep up with the latest styles. Take a look at your closet and see what you may have in there from past seasons.

Chances are good that you have something that is in style right now and if you do not, you can always change it up a bit and make it match the latest fashion trends. Be creative and if you do need to add pieces to your wardrobe, shop wisely at flea markets, yard sales and discount shops to get the pieces that you need.

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