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Is This the Perfect Time to Buy an Austin Home or Move Up


If I choose to sell my house fast in Houston it means I am going to need to have another house lined up ready to move into. People often ask when the right time to buy an Austin home is. Do you need to take a few things into consideration such as is your employment stable? Also, you need to check out your financial status.

Buying and selling require fees to real estates, stamp duty, repairs, and Reno’s before you sell and whether you have enough finances for a house deposit for your new place as well as if there are any urgent repairs needing to be done before you can move in. If your employment is stable and your finances are in a good position then you can look into buying and selling now.

If you are buying a home the best time is winter. During the holidays it is quiet, people go away and see family or take well-earned holidays, so the competitors are fairly quiet and it’s likely you won’t have much competition when placing an offer or bid.

Winter months are slow and quiet its best to buy in this time but not so much for selling its best to wait until spring or summer. During winter you can sometimes offer a lower price and because it’s a slow time and the seller is looking for a quick sale they may be happy to take your offer.

If you look over statistics you will find houses were brought for less than in summer and spring.

When wondering if it’s the right time to buy takes into consideration the interest rates. If they have been low for some time and look to be heading up next year, then jump on the wagon now and lock it in.

Interest rates impact what you pay monthly for your mortgage payment so if you buy while the rate is low then you are buying more homes for less.

You can have a good chat with the real estate agents or a financial broker. A real estate mind you cannot predict what is going to happen one or two years away from now, but they can access information about the area and check over how houses in that area have been selling.

Real estates can give you an idea of how your home with go in the investment market for the whole time you have the mortgage.

Real estates can negotiate for you as well and may be able to get you a better deal. A financial broker will help you to determine if it’s the right time to buy a home in Houston by checking over your income and financial records and see where you currently sit.

They can give you a rough estimate on monthly payments for the amount you want to borrow this leaves you in a position to be able to decide if its suits to buy now or put it off until you are in a better position or the market is sitting somewhere healthier.

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