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How to Transform Your Dull Dining Room Into Update Best Looking With Home Decor


In many homes, the dining room is only used rarely for formal occasions, and consequently, this important space is often dull and even dreary looking as the money for renovation and refurbishment is spent on the other, more frequently used rooms and you want to update your dining room with the best thinking of home decor.

If this is the case with your dining room, it might be time for you to consider a ‘makeover’; you may well find that you get greater use and satisfaction from your dining room if it looks more appealing.

One of the first things you should do is to take a long, hard look at your dining room.  Pretend you are a stranger entering the room for the first time and perhaps ask a friend whose design taste you admire to collaborate with you.  Most underused rooms tend to accumulate an enormous amount of junk, so before making any major design changes you will need to be quite brutal and remove any items that contribute to a generally cluttered look.

Next, you will want to have a look at your existing furniture and see if it works well with the color and lighting scheme you intend to have in the room.  Dining table sets are hugely important, and if your budget extends to replacing these vital items of furniture there are many different styles to choose from which can help to update the look and feel of the room.

Once you have cleaned and tidied up your dining room, it is the time to decide whether the room is going to be an ‘adults only’ zone, or whether you want the whole family to take advantage of it.  Clever use of the space is to design your dining room so that it can be used for both formal occasions and family meals.

Lighting and decoration

Once you have decided on your color scheme, make sure that the paintwork will be easy to clean.  Some people wallpaper just one wall as a decorative feature while the other surfaces are painted.  If the room is naturally dark you should consider installing strong halogen lights, with perhaps a pendant or even chandelier hanging over the table.

If you have a sideboard or occasional tables in the dining room, a couple of lamps placed on them can provide a warm glow; make certain that the lamp bases and shades compliment the overall color scheme and decor.

Flowers can completely transform any room and can be particularly important decorations for more formal events; it is important to ensure that they are placed in attractive vases that match the room’s overall style and color scheme.

If you want to make your chairs look more sophisticated for a formal dinner party there are many detachable, washable chair coverings currently on the market that can be used to further brighten up space for those special occasions.


A very easy way of adding life and style to your dining room is through the use of art.  You can patronize a local painter or gallery and hang their works on a wall or, if you are so inclined, you can even have your children’s works framed and mounted in the form of a college that will provide a unique and personalized wall decoration.

Another simple design idea is to dress your windows with attractive Roman blinds; you can choose any fabric and pattern that you wish and, as these blinds are quite easy to install, you can also change them according to the occasion, thereby ensuring that your design motif is maintained.

You may well find that having redecorated this room you will use it more.  A beautifully decorated dining room that provides an inviting ambiance will soon become one of the most accessible and popular rooms in the home.

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