Does Your Pet Bird Need a Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing

Have you ever seen lumberjacks roll a tree trunk in the water? 

Keeping their balance and trying to stay upright is not only challenging but excellent exercise.  This kind of exercise is important for all animals including humans and of course birds.

For a bird to be healthy he needs to have strong claws, strong claws that not only grip but adjust to the environment to enable him to perch where he wants to.  Keeping the claws strong and the sense of balance alive is important for a healthy bird, but how can this be achieved?

Family-owned Polly’s Pet Products know birds and they have the perfect solution for your bird when it comes to keeping your bird’s feet strong and healthy.  Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is a simple swing that looks just like any other swing but with a difference.

The center tube or pole that forms the perch rotates and forces the bird to find and maintain its balance. Using very simple technology the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is made from bringing colors and easy to clean materials

The Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is not only a good looking addition to your bird’s cage it is also a strong and sturdy addition.  The materials used in the manufacture of the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing are selected because of your bird.

Gripping the beam or pole that moves could easily damage the swing if the materials were of inferior quality and the swing would rapidly become a health hazard rather than a health promoter for your bird.

Available in 4 sizes: X-small, small, large, and X-large the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing is suitable for birds of all sizes and the manufacturers describe the swing or roll as “Indestructible”.  Because Polly’s Pet Products understand birds then you can pretty much believe their word when it comes to the Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing.

If you want to give you bird the best and you want to ensure his claws and feet are kept in their best state of health then you need a Polly’s Pastels Roll or Swing.  The swing will make the perfect addition to your cage and your bird will thank you for it and chirp merrily as it sits on its swing getting a gym workout at the same time.


You Should Love With Your Cat and Bargain-bin

I have to begin this post with a short story by means of an explanation of my bargain bin concept. Many years ago I was working maintenance on rotating night & day shifts where I was required to log the time in 24-hour format.

I hate to admit it, but it was sometimes confusing, working days & nights to remember that 3:00 A.M was actually 15:00hours. My young son was apparently paying attention because come to Father’s Day he proudly gave me the present of a new watch.

He happily showed me how with the push of one button it would light up, & with the push of another button, change to a 24-hour clock. The look on his face when he gave me the watch & saw my delight is one of my fondest memories. I, of course, have a great sentimental attachment to this watch. After about a year, the strap broke. It is just a black carbon fiber band and is not extremely durable.

Well, of course, I didn’t want to discard the watch, so I began hunting for a new band. It was impossible to find a replacement locally, so I was basically carrying a “pocket watch” for several months. Then, it occurred to me that I might be able to purchase one on the Internet. It didn’t take any time at all to find the exact band I required.

There was only one problem; the shipping fee was three times the cost of the watchband! It occurred to me that since I didn’t want to discard the watch, & the bands only lasted a year or so, perhaps I should see if there was a possibility of having 4 bands shipped at once for the same shipping fee.

The proprietor was happy to sell me 4 at once & assured me there would be no increase in the shipping fee. I’m on my third band now, but the watch is still working just fine. And the BEST PARTI still gets to relive my fond memory of the look on my son’s face when he gave me this watch, every time I look at it.

Now for the BARGAIN BIN, I am going to be offering the same service in my store. I will have the items on display in their categories but will include them in their description. This will enable my customers to have a selection of products, where they can purchase several different items, like cat toys, bird toys, bird treats, pet ear drops, etc. and not have to pay for shipping more than once.

Of course, these items will also be available for purchase individually, but for a $3 item, the minimum shipping charge for up to 1lb is $7 or so. I hope you like this idea. I will be starting its implementation immediately. Here are just one of the cat toys which this would apply to.


You Should Know All About Your Pet Dog Safety

We all walk our pet children at one time or another whether it is morning, noon, or night and of course all the pet children have their collar on with all the necessary information on their tags if they were to become lost.  There are so many different dog collars, but the lighted dog collars are just perfect for that special pet child.

Walking early in the morning before the pet parent has to go to work, or late in the evening hours when it starts to get dark, precautions must be in place in order to protect the pet child.  It is very hard to see someone walking their dog in these situations because of the oncoming traffic with their headlights on; lighted dog collars would be very easy to spot to forewarn oncoming traffic.

Walking the pet child can become later in the evening depending on the pet parents’ schedule, or earlier in the day, but a lot depends on the time of year before the time changes.  Lighted dog collars have a combination of a patented polymer and LED technology that has reflective stitching that is vivid and ideal for low light and nighttime visibility, also has a three-functional switch that provides an off, steady, and a flashing method to alert oncoming traffic.

The lighted dog collars use a replaceable lithium watch battery that provides illumination up to 200 hours in the flashing mode, is shockproof, spark-proof, and weather resistant.  If night time walking is something that is not done on a regular basis, that would be even safer for your pet child, but just like the pet parent that drives at night with their headlights on, please do not forget the lighted dog collars for your pet children.

Just published an article on dog car harnesses, but there cannot be enough said to influence a pet parent how important it is when taking their pet child along for a ride to not let them hang their head out of the window.  Distractions cause more accidents especially by allowing a pet child to do what they want to do when they are not confined.

Pets get very excited while riding and may want to give their pet parent a big fat kiss, or possibly jump into the front seat, or they are just plain out of control, so want is the driver supposed to do, correct the pet child while they are driving, this certainly is not a good idea.  If they see another pet being walked down the street while they are riding in a vehicle, they may run back and forth in the back seat panting or perhaps even barking, now you tell me if that is not a distraction, what is?

If there is anything that can be provided in looking after our pet children, we should make every effort to do so by purchasing a dog booster seat for protecting the pet child from a deadly accident.   If there is a passenger riding in the front seat they love to look out of the window to see what is going on around them, therefore; a dog booster seat is perfect for the pet child so they can see what is going on as well.

There are actually some cities that are considering passing a law against having a pet sit on the pet parents’ lap while they are driving.  Dog booster seats have grown in popularity in having a way to contain small pet children who weigh up to 30 pounds, so if you have a small pet get them a dog booster seat.


You Should Take Care of Your Dog and Be Focus on Your Pet

Getting a new puppy or an older dog will need to be trained because most likely their background information is limited no matter where you purchased the pet.  Either way will be an undertaking in deciding on what training will be needed, so now that you have added a pet child to your family, they will need lots of love and attention as well.

One thing that is evident is that the new pet child loves to ride in the vehicle and that is all well and good, but you must always keep in mind that pet safety is the priority when having your pet child ride with you.

Little ones will need to have a pet car seat or a dog booster seat if they are small, but there is a pet safety harness that does well with larger pets and will keep them safe, but if the dog is large, dog vehicle barriers would be a better choice.

The dog vehicle barriers are designed to confine your large pet child in the back of SUV, vans, station wagons, pickup trucks with an extended cab, or any place in the vehicle that would accommodate a dog vehicle barrier.  There are some that are available to use if the vehicle has bucket seats, but in this situation, their confinement would be limited.

The dog vehicle barrier is a product that will give the pet parent peace of mind in knowing that the pet child will stay behind the barrier and would be protected from most accidents.  We all know that the pet child loves to be wherever the pet parent is, but after a few training sessions, the dog will know their place in the vehicle.

Ticks are not anything like fleas on dogs; usually, fleas can jump from one dog to another…where ticks wait in wooded and grassy areas for their next victim so they can hop on the pet child’s body and start to bite.  If the pet child has lots of hair it is difficult in detecting these parasites that feed on the pet’s blood, also tick bites can cause various illnesses in the pet children who love to go sniffing through wooded areas and fields with high grass.

Special attention in checking your pet child for ticks should be frequent especially if the pet parent lives in the suburbs, but if you put a prevented tick collar on your pet child you would not have to worry about nasty ticks.

Ticks love to bite the pet child on their tummy, by their ears, and some time on the neck, a fever may pop up and the pet child may show extreme fatigue, but prevention is worth all the health problems that may be caused by tick bites.

After regularly checking your pet child for ticks and you locate one or more, they can be removed by using tweezers, but you need to make sure when you start to pull the tick out, pull straight out using slight pressure.  If you had a prevented tick collar you would not have to do this because wearing the collar will prevent any ticks on your dog’s body for at least three months.

The prevented tick collar will also prevent new ticks from attaching and feeding within 48 hours after application.  The prevented tick collar will not kill or control the flea’s population, is water-resistant and safe when used as directed, and definitely not for cats.


The Thinking Different Ways to Take Care of Your Pets

One of my friends told me the other day she had company over for dinner, and during that time they walked outdoors just to get fresh air and her friends remarked: “what a cute birdhouse you have hanging on your tree but are there any birds using it now due to cold weather.”  They were so surprised to find out it was not a birdhouse, but a bark control method that looks like a birdhouse.

So I pointed out to them how it works when dogs become a nuisance and continue to bark excessively.  The bark control birdhouse can be placed anywhere in the front or back yard and is very attractive as you well know, but no one would realize that this is not an actual birdhouse.

My friends wanted to know how the birdhouse works, so again I pointed out that this is not an actual birdhouse, but an ultrasonic bark control birdhouse that detects excessive barking and has a microphone that picks up sound and activates the component.  When activated a high pitched ultrasonic sound is emitted that is safe for humans, but not to dogs because it is offensive to them, hence the high pitch will help to control the dog from barking excessively.

I feel sure that most people have faced this problem one time or another, and sure does not sit well with neighbors when the barking dogs continuously bark when the pet family is not at home, there probably is no reason other than most likely being bored and lonesome as well, so what kind of life is that for a house dog that is supposed to be part of the family, but in reality, is not.

Perhaps many pet parents do not realize the care taken in flying their pets on the pet-friendly airlines that are only for pets and do NOT put them in cargo, so here are a few things that the pet parent may want to know in flying their pet children.  All regular seats have been removed with no overhead bins … and all the pet carriers are protected by using special fasteners that keep the carrier in place so there is no chance of accidental movement.

The airplane is well lighted so the pet attendant can monitor the pet and make sure they are okay, the plane maintains a constant climate-controlled temperature for the pet child’s comfort and makes sure that fresh air is constantly circulating at all times.  All of the pet carriers face the aisle so the pet attendant can easily watch over the pet while walking up and down the aisle.

Veterinarians recommend not to feed your pet child within 4 hours of travel, this also includes any treats during the flight, and to prevent the pet child from getting queasy, they will not receive any food or drink while in the air due to the altitude and motion of the plane.  If your pet child requires medication during the flight, please specify this when you make the reservation.

The medication with written instructions when you check-in your pet child at the reservation counter so the pet attendant will know exactly how to administer the medication per your instructions.  The pet-friendly airlines will do everything they possibly can to make your pet comfortable, and at the same time reassure the pet parent that their pet will be well taken care of.   Note: Dogs and Cats have separate areas.