You Should All About Finland Tourist Attractions for Everyone

Northern countries like Finland will amaze you with their natural beauties, clean streets, and rich cultural life. Finland is a highly diverse part of Europe where you will find interesting people. Many tourists visit the country offering new and new adventures. The best way to get there is by plane in major cities like Helsinki and Turku airports.

Getting around is very easy but using mass transport is highly recommended. Renting a car is also a good option to discover the countryside. The climate is semi-cool and continental with short summers. The winter can be very harsh so be prepared for the cold. Finland is a member of the European Union and uses the euro as a currency.

Things to see in Finland

Most tourists go and visit Helsinki at first. The city is the center of Finnish culture and history. The Temppeliaukio Church and the Uspenski Cathedral are the most beautiful religious buildings in the city.

Kaupattori market is the best place to try some nice local food. Sofiankatu Street is the heart of the city and modern art is displayed in the Amos Anderson Museum. Helsinki is also home to the Presidential Palace, the political center of the country.

Lapland is the northernmost part of Finland. It is a very popular place for canoeing and hiking. In the summer days are very long and the sun doesn’t set at all in Lapland. These are called “white nights.” Ships and ferries start to the North Pole from the shores.

Kemi is a city famous for its Snow Castle, which is a hotel made of ice and snow rebuilt in a different shape every year. You can also visit the Gemstone Gallery with the replicas of famous jewels and crowns.

In south Finland, it shows wonderful forests and millions of lakes. In fact, there are more than 2000 lakes in Finland. Lake Saima, Inari, and Paijanne are the most popular. The Repovesi National Park is the essence of the Finnish landscape.

This enormous pristine woodland of pine and birch trees is home to many indigenous animals. The Olhavanvuori Hill is popular amongst hikers. There is the Kultareitti water taxi route that takes you around the lakes of the park. You can access observation points and suspension bridges on the route.

Tampere is another interesting city in Finland. The city hall, Raatihuone, is the central building of the city and a fine example of the Renaissance Revival style. The Tampere Theatre is a remarkable building with an international theatre festival every August. The Vapriikki Museum Centre is the pride of the city.

It is home to the Natural History Museum, Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Shoe Museum. The Spy Museum has many visitors every year. Inside the Koski Keskus shopping center, you’ll find the largest glass sculpture of Finland which is called „The Mirror of the Sea.” The wonderful landscape and charming cities make Finland an ideal holiday destination.


The Top Destinations in Germany for Best Travel

A big country to start with, Germany is full of wonderful castles and picturesque little villages just waiting to be discovered. There’s a lot to take in and you will find it impossible to cover it all in a single trip. The best you can do is to make a careful selection of your destinations in Germany so you have a good mix of the antique blended with the new.

Berlin Attractions

More than two decades after the Berlin wall came down, the reunified city has become the place to watch for the latest innovations in all things, whether business or fashion. Galleries, operas and chic nightclubs will fill for your nights while some incredible museums, castles and parks will keep you busy during the day.

Don’t forget to catch a picture with the scars left on the road where the wall once stood and make the best of the amazing restaurants for you aren’t likely to eat so well for so little very often in your life!

Munich Attractions

The Bavarian region is one of the most attractive in Germany and where else to begin your journey than the wonderful city of Munich. Equating the city only with the Oktoberfest is unkindness for this city of contrasts has so much more to offer. Whether you are losing yourself in the antique treasures of the Resident or drinking in the latest auto innovations at the BMW Welt, Munich will keep you breathless in one way or the other.

Nuremberg Attractions

A small city by all accounts, it’s a wonder how much Nuremberg has to offer the visitor. With the important role it played in World War II, history and war buffs will be kept busy at sites like the Nazi Parade Grounds, the Nazi Museum Documentation centrum, and the Trials Courthouse while the architectural enthusiasts can delight in the Old Town and Schloss.

Heidelberg Attractions

Round off your tour of Bavarian Germany at picturesque Heidelberg. Ranked amongst the crème de la crème of the wonderful German castles, Heidelburg Schloss is perched atop a hill overlooking the town and will remind you of many a fairy tale castle you dreamt of as a child.

The town below is absolutely charming and will keep you busy exploring its architecture and appealing cafes. The surroundings of the town are absolutely gorgeous and you will quite likely find yourself wishing you had dedicated your entire trip to this one single town.

Cologne Attractions

The city where its perfume namesake was born, Cologne is the largest city in the Rhine and is actually dissected by the Rhine River. While it abounds with all the galleries, museums, nightclubs, and cultural destinations that tourists may wish for, its chief attraction is the sheer poetry of its architecture and layout around the river, which will keep photography enthusiasts busy for their entire stay here.

Dresden Attractions

Another incredibly scenic city, this destination in Germany will be especially appealing to architectural and nature enthusiasts. Thanks to its popularity with the Saxon Kings for their choice of residence, the Dresden skyline is filled with domes, spires, and towers, and is considered one of the cultural centers of the country.

This is one city not to be hurried through for you will need time to admire the panoramic views of the city, visit some of its incredible churches and palaces, and get your fill of the magic of the city.


Another Best Travel to Ireland Attractions Everyone

Ireland has a reputation as one of the greenest islands of the world and it has the lively Irish people with their rich heritage. Many people visit the island to admire the landscape or sink into the unique atmosphere of medieval cities and several hundred-year-old pubs. Ireland is part of the European Union and uses the euro as a currency. The best way of getting there is by plane through the airports of Cork, Dublin, and Knock.

Transportation is considered good and car rentals are available. The climate is mild, moist, and very changeable with a lot of rainfalls. Pack an umbrella in the summer because you might need it. Irish people speak English with a distinct accent and if you’re interested in linguistics, listen to their Gaelic language, which is a part of their heritage and widely used around Ireland.

Top sights in Ireland

The essence of a country can be truly admired in its capital. Dublin has all the things that are dear to the Irish. St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church with their thick stone walls remind you of Celtic times. A favorite place to visit is the Guinness Brewery.

Here you can see the production and secrets of the famous beer and of course taste fresh Guinness. The National Museum and Trinity College are a must and you shouldn’t leave without visiting Grafton Street and its numerous shops. The old town has the iconic colored doors and old pubs to cheer you up in the evening.

Aside from the capital, there are many things to see in the countryside. Ireland is famous for its ancient monuments. The Skellig Michael on the island of Great Skellig is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. You can see the beehive huts of the monks who once inhabited the island. Another ancient ruin is the Brunai Boinne in County Meath.

The site is a complex of Neolithic standing stones, burial chambers, and henges some dating from the 35th century BC and beyond. Trim castle is one of the largest castles of Ireland. It was the center of the Norman administration on the island. The castle is open for visitors and you can feel the medieval atmosphere within the walls. Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a true natural wonder.

Cork is the second most important city in Ireland. Once there make sure to visit the Red Abbey and St. Fibrate’s Cathedral both wonderful medieval churches. The city is also a fine example of Georgian style and you’ll surely pop into a picturesque mansion. For a great view of the city climb up to the church tower of Shandon.

University College is also a wonderful building like most educational centers in Ireland. Castle Street and Winthrop Street are also fine examples of Irish architecture. The English Market is a great place for shopping.

Once in Ireland make sure to taste the fine beers and some whiskey but drink it with moderation. Irish stews are excellent and you’ll enjoy soda bread with a pint for supper. Colcannon is an old national dish made with potatoes and kale. Make sure you taste them all once in Ireland.


Belgium a Snapshot Like Your Best Dreams Travel

This little country in Western Europe was a founding European member and recently celebrated its 175th independence anniversary. The country boasts four main languages of which Dutch and French are the most important and is home to one of the most complex political and government systems in the world. Brussels is also the closest the EU has to capital and is also positioned as the seat of several other European bodies.


The capital of Belgium, Brussels is fairly representative of the country. Home to disparate wonders like the Grand Place and the Atomism, it is truly a city of contrasts. Manneken Pis, the statue of a little boy pissing into a fountain, is formally the city treasure and the country’s love for chocolate is evident in the number of boutiques lining the streets. Beer flows like water in Brussels and you could spend your holiday working your way through over 400 varieties of brews available here.


Bruges is reminiscent of a city lost in time. Wandering its winding lanes, it is hard not to be charmed by the houses with vibrantly hued doors lining the streets. Many come here to admire the beautiful old church, to take in the medieval architecture or to take pictures at the lake flowing through the city Centre, but even without all of those, you could come and have a wonderful time just absorbing the mood and beauty of this very, very charming city.

Waterloo Belgium

Every summer, hundreds of tourists make their way to Waterloo on the weekends to witness a small reenactment of the famous battle of waterloo where the French Emperor Napoleon finally met his defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington.

The spot also boasts a small museum relating the history of the spot and rendering details of the battle. Wily visitors can make their way here offseason when the area is quietly deserted and the atmospheric battlefields alone will fire your imagination to bring the altercating armies to life.


Every summer, hundreds of tourists make their way to Waterloo on the weekends to witness a small reenactment of the famous battle of waterloo where the French Emperor Napoleon finally met his defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington.

The spot also boasts a small museum relating the history of the spot and rendering details of the battle. Wily visitors can make their way here offseason when the area is quietly deserted and the atmospheric battlefields alone will fire your imagination to bring the altercating armies to life.

Diamond capital to the world, the country’s second-largest city leaves visitors in no doubt of its draw as a popular destination in Belgium. Antwerp’s architecture is gorgeous, whether you are looking at the medieval old city or the modern waterfront. The hip party scene presents an array of clubs catering to a dizzying range of musical tastes while the fashion is unbelievable for the sheer assortment of designers owning a storefront in a city this size.


If you are looking for something off the beaten track, then Ghent is your prize. A graceful and imposing canal city, Ghent boasts a magnificent old castle, several cathedrals, and a dizzying number of museums and historic buildings. A quiet student town all through the year, visit Ghent during the Gentse Feesten festival to watch the city come to life.


Travel Europe to Enjoy and Explore the Amazing Continent

Travel to Europe could be one of the most memorable and fantastic vacations in your life. On this website, you will find out some of the best countries to visit while traveling in Europe and also get an amazing highlight of the little known yet amazing features in Europe.

Europe is one of the world’s most fascinating and interesting continents in the world. Europe has over the years been credited for its cultural heritage; breathtaking scenery and amazing natural and man-made landmarks. I am sure you have heard of the wonderful cities of Rome, Paris, and Vienna which are well known for their romantic appeal and have seen lovers fly from across the world to enjoy them.

Areas like London and Paris have also become tourist hot spots for their famous architectural designs in the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace just to mention a few. Not forgetting the beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed in countries such as Italy, Montenegro, Scotland, and Germany just to mention a few. It is evident that Europe truly has the whole package.

Some of the most scenic places in Europe that are a must-see include the amazing Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria which is located on Austria’s highest mountain and offers a spectacular view of the Pasterzen Glacier. Amazing scenery in Europe is The Plitvice Lakes found in Croatia.

This place has a system of 16 lakes and a large forest complex around it which makes the general view to die for. To add to the natural beauty clear waterfalls stream down at the end of the lakes. Last on my list is a must-see the mountain of rocks in Greece called the Meteora. The Meteora which means ‘suspended in air’ is a landmark in Greece where there are buildings on top of huge mountain rocks.

Europe also has a very rich cultural background. Some of the cities in Europe that are considered major cultural centers are Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Sibiu, Istanbul, Madrid, Rotterdam, and Paris.

The European culture is reflected in many things from their food to their style of architecture to their art. Countries like Italy have become well known for their cultural foods like Pasta and Pizza while Turkey is recognized for the unique and cultural architecture they apply in their buildings. Europe has amazing art galleries and museums and also statues and monuments that are spectacular.

Some of the famous art attractions include the Louvre Museum in Paris, The Original Sound of Music tour in Austria, Archiv Des osterreichischen Wider stands Museum also in Austria and the Musical Instruments Museum in Belgium. Traveling to Europe would enable you to get a first-hand experience in all of Europe’s culture which is widely spoken of.

Travel Europe promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable holiday. In Europe, you will not lack an exciting or relaxing activity depending on what you would like. Accommodation there is one of the best and you can find great deals on the prices. It is time to Travel Europe and experiences the continent of all trades.

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The Pricing Your Home to Sell in Real Estate

Finding the right price for your home can be a complicated process, made only more challenging if you are looking to sell quickly.  When considering a price, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind.  The most important factors to consider are the area around your home, the average home price for a similar home, and the current state of your home.

From here you can get a price that will then be modified downward by your need to sell quickly.  Let’s take a moment to review the steps you can take to correctly price your home to sell.  With any luck, you will leave this article with a better understanding of your next step through this complex process.

Consulting With a Realtor

For many people who consider a realtor, the first thing that comes to mind is the price tag.  Like it or not, however, a realtor can bring a great deal of expertise to your problem, providing a tangible solution to the right price for your home when you are trying to sell it quickly.  A realtor will help walk you through how the four conditions (home, quality, location, and price) will influence your final asking price.

In addition, they will be able to make you aware of any potential problems or advantages within your local market.  Along with providing you a great deal of information relating to the process, a realtor will also save you the time you would otherwise spend listing, and then relisting your home if your guessed price does not bring any interested prospects.

Be Quick and Negotiate

Every moment your home is on the market is a financial loss.  The quicker you go about the process of getting a realtor and listing your house, the less time will be wasted overall.  Along with financial consideration, there is also the issue of image.

There is a tendency to view homes that have been on the market for an extended period of time as less attractive simply because they have been on the market longer.  When pricing your home to sell, give yourself room to negotiate with a prospective buyer.  For example, you can sweeten the deal by adding an additional amount off or another incentive to get them to buy quickly.

Focus Your Price on the Local Housing Market

No matter what is happening on a state or national level regarding home sales, never forget what the current needs are within your local housing market.  Identifying these needs by yourself or with a realtor will give you a better understanding of why other houses are selling for the amount listed, and what you can do to price your home competitively.  Once again, a realtor is the best source of information for your local housing market.

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The Best Content Ideas for Real Estate Emails

How does your real estate agents use email?

If you’re just sending weekly property listings to your clients, then you’re missing out on the great relationship-building potential an email marketing campaign can offer.

Like most small businesses, real estate depends on nurturing strong relationships with your clients. The better you respond to your customer’s needs, the more they’ll trust your guidance during their major life decision. And that trust can lead to a better sale.

While the bulk of real estate relationships are built-in person, it’s easy and natural to extend that relationship into your client’s email inbox too. Let’s take a look at five different kinds of content you can send that go beyond the basic property listings and speaks to your customer’s needs.

Home Buying Tips

Buying a house is a big commitment that comes with plenty of questions and considerations for your buyers. You can probably answer all the questions from a first-time home buyer in your sleep!

Use your email campaign to address these common questions and lead them through important tips to consider, like:

Choosing an agent

Financing – What kind is right?

What are the points and closing costs?
Negotiating a lower price – Getting seller concessions, making counteroffers
The total cost of ownership, beyond the mortgage basics
Home age – Should I buy a newer or older home? What are the trade-offs of each?

Local Factors – Where Should I Buy?

Proximity to work or school is only one consideration for new home buyers when they’re comparing locations. The neighborhood, local attractions, school districts, and other demographics also play a role.

Help your clients decide on the best location for them by addressing some of these concerns in your emails:

The relative cost of housing in the area
Quality of public services (education, water, sewer, parks)
Age of the community – Young families may prefer neighborhoods with children, while an older couple might prefer a quiet area.
The mean and median income
Entertainment venues (theaters, concerts, sports, restaurants)

Profile a new township in a monthly newsletter with some highlights of who would feel most at home there.

Market Trends

Buying or selling a home is usually a long and involved process. By the time your client is ready to close on their home, the buying and selling market might look completely different than it does right now.

Keep your clients up to speed on market performance. Is it a better time to buy or sell right now? You can also discuss other factors that influence the market, like:

Interest rates
Foreclosure rates

Transparency about the housing market can also help your clients trust your input more.

Home Maintenance Advice

Closing on a home sale might be the end for you, but it’s just the beginning for your clients. A new homeowner might feel overwhelmed with new responsibility for a big property.

Make the transition easy with tips on home repairs and installations your new owners should invest in.

When to replace windows
Comparing different types of flooring (hardwood vs. carpet vs. tile vs. linoleum)
Comparing wall treatments (wallpaper vs. paint vs. paneling)
Different heating systems (gas vs. oil vs. electric)
Plumbing considerations
Roofing comparisons (slate vs. asphalt shingles vs. clay tiles)
Exterior design (brick vs. siding vs. stucco vs. paint)

Discuss ways these improvements can make your client’s home a worthwhile investment.

Success Stories

Getting testimonials from other satisfied customers adds credibility to your marketing campaign and makes it feel more human.

People trust the opinions of other people. So give your previous clients a voice in your emails. Include testimonials about your customer service. Have a customer write about how easy you made their home buying process, or how you eased their first-time-buyer fears.

Featuring feedback from your customers shows that you’re an expert too: People who turned to you for advice are willing to recommend you based on that advice. Featuring your positive feedback can lead to more good reviews – and more business! – In the future.

Keep Building the Relationship

An email marketing campaign built on addressing your clients’ needs builds a strong relationship that can lead to more referrals and business later on. Think about what a new home buyer needs to know and frame your campaign content around common buying and selling questions.

When you anticipate your customers’ needs in the inbox, you’ll be the first agent they turn to the next time they need quality service.

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The Real Estate in Chicago Should I Refinance Now or Later

I’m getting a lot of phone calls asking about articles people are reading in different publications. I’m also talking to people who like most of us are hearing all of the terrible stories on the TV news regarding the mortgage/credit crunch but not paying complete attention because it doesn’t affect us. That may be wrong…you may think it doesn’t affect you because you’re responsible and have great credit in real estate.

What I’m telling you is you may want to check around if you have an ARM coming due and see if you’re as good as you think you are. Better safe than sorry. Here is my advice. If you have a 3-5 or 7 year ARM (adjustable-rate mortgage) that is coming due in the next 12 months it might not be a bad idea to give your lender a call and see what your best course of action is.

The reason I want you to know this and do this is with all the horror stories we are hearing about foreclosures and short sales the banks are protecting themselves and tightening up the criteria in order to purchase AND refinance. If you were banking on the equity in your home to help you along when you refinance it may not be enough 12 months from now.

What was 5% minimum down is quickly becoming 10% down…….and if your property is in a declining market then there is a chance you will need to add another 5% on top of that. So what once used to be 5% down and something you can handle could quickly become 15% and something that will prevent you from refinancing.

How is that helping???

I know the banks are in as much trouble as a lot of homeowners but a lot of these people are trying to refinance into 30 year fixed mortgages. These people are trying to do the right thing…..the kicker to this whole thing is these decisions are not being based on your credit score.

While this is still important in getting the best rate it is not swaying the banks on their down payment requirements. They are making these decisions on the area, not the borrower’s credit score.

So talk to you lender is you’re planning on refinancing and ask the following questions:

  1. How much am I going to need to put down in order to refinance?
  2. Can I use the equity in my house and will it be enough?
  3. What closing costs are associated with refinancing? Can I roll them into the mortgage?
  4. What is a declining market? Will it have an effect on my refinancing?
  5. Should I do this now before things get tougher and I may not be able to refinance?
  6. What is the worst-case scenario?

I do this in no way to scare you but to make you aware.
This type of situation has mainly had an effect on people who put little to no money down within the past 3 to 5 years….did interest-only loans…..and did ARM in order to keep the payment as low as possible. In order to refinance, they will need to use the equity in their home in order to put money down again and acquire a fixed mortgage. As we’ve been hearing the equity may not be enough.

Hope this helps….it is getting tough out there and it in many ways has nothing to do with you or your ability to pay the loan back. It has to do with the fact that most of Chicago and the Suburbs of Chicago are in a declining market and the banks are freaking out!!! Let me know if you have any questions.

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The City of Chicago Now Being Split Between Buyer & Seller in Real Estate

I wanted to update everyone from an earlier post. Back in February the City of Chicago passed an increase in the Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamp that was to be paid by the buyer. It was an additional $3.00 per $1,000 spent on top of the $7.50 per $1,000 spent that already existed. An increase of 40% in mid-March a bill was passed changing the less than one-month-old previous bill which now put the burden of the tax increase on the seller.

So instead of the $10.50 is paid entirely by the buyer it is now split $7.50 per $1,000 by the buyer and $3 per $1,000 by the seller. On top of this for the seller is the $1.50 per $1,000 spent that they pay the county and state. As stated in my earlier post this was all to help bail out the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority.)

Problem solved. Right, I argued earlier that the tax was unfair to buyers (especially first-time buyers) and that it was going to have a negative effect on an already difficult real estate market. So what is wrong with hitting the sellers? Well to begin with they already paid the $7.50 per $1,000 when they purchased.

So really doesn’t matter how you split it you’re still going to have to pay it either on the way in or on the way out. So current homeowners looking to move are the guinea pigs that are being hit with this tax twice Secondly they already pay $1.50 per $1,000 to the county and state when they sell and now this is on top of that. Glad to see they came up with a solution that was fair for everyone…yeah right!!

As long as we keep seeing “The Governor” at Cubs games and Bulls games we’ll be doing just fine. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again…it is easy to complain after the fact. What we really need to do is stay involved when the decisions are being made and voice our collective opinion then.

A lot easier to stop things before they go into effect Just wanted to update you on the situation. Good news for home buyers is effective April 1, their transfer tax for purchasing real estate in Chicago remains at $7.50 per $1,000 spent. Any clarification just let me know and I’d be happy to help. I’ll put out a new list of what is the responsibility of the seller and what are the buyers shortly.

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Naperville Real Estate Market Snapshot a Look at the Past Month

Here is a look at what has been going on in Naperville over the past month. Instead of trying to take a look at a specific month, like March, I figured the best thing to do in being current was to just post and the statistics in that post are a look at the past month from that date. Make sense?

That way we are staying as current as possible because let’s face it…if I’m posting at the end of April on March’s statistics then who cares? I like up to date when I’m gathering information and so from here on out my statistics will be based on the day of the post and not for a conventional month. I will be looking at the Detached Single Family and Attached Single Family.

I will be looking at ACTIVE, UNDER CONTRACT, EXPIRED, and SOLD. Combined with these statistics I will provide up to date Absorption Rates. On top, I will be sharing anything that I feel is worth sharing. As always if you would like a specific neighborhood talked about or would like me to provide specific statistics just let me know. I’m always happy to help. Here we go:

Naperville Detached Single Family Homes

  • Under Contract: Naperville saw 158 units go under contract in the past month. The average market time for these was 166 days. The median list price. The average sales price. Looks like the price range with the most under contract was within 30 units and 120 days on market. The longest market time is the price range at 397 days on market.
  • Active Listings: In Naperville, we have 1,076 properties for sale with an average market time of 195 days. The median list price while the average price. The highest property for sale currently in Naperville is listed. Surprisingly the price range with the most current listings in the range with 165 properties for sale.
  • Wow. That’s a lot of million-dollar properties for sale. Not to mention the 21 other properties listed. Market time for properties under seems to be pretty consistent at roughly 130 days.
  • Expired Listings: In a “hot” market this is something I wouldn’t normally talk about because the numbers would be so small. But with today’s market here in Naperville I figured it is a great way to show what is going on out there. Over the past month, Naperville saw 41 properties expire off the market. Average market time at 286 days.
  • Sold Properties: This one just blew my mind. In Naperville, a city of close residents, there were only 6 closings in that past month for single-family homes. I triple checked to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and it is true. The past two months saw something in the neighborhood of 50 properties but that the past month was only 6. I was shocked by this number.
  • The average market time was really good at 95 days for those 6 units. Median sale price. I anticipate these numbers to increase significantly in the next month based on what I’m seeing out there today.
  • Current Absorption Rate for Naperville Detached Single Family Homes is 6.81 months.

Naperville Attached Single Family Homes

  • Under Contract: Currently 76 properties under contract in Naperville. The average market time is 138 days. Median List Price with an Average List Price range has the most under contract with 23. The highest attached single-family home went under contract listed.
  • Active Listings: There are 508 attached single-family homes currently available in Naperville. The most popular price range with 150 on the market. The average market time for all attached properties is 149 days with a Median List Price and an Average List Price. The highest-priced attached single-family currently available in Naperville is on market for Any takers?
  • Expired Listings: 16 units expired over the past month in Naperville. The average market time for those 16 units was 225 days. Median List Price.
  • Sold Properties: Like the Detached Single Family I’m a bit surprised at the numbers for the Attached Single Family that has sold. Only 8. Market time was 166 days average for those 8. Only two price ranges were even represented.
  • Absorption Rate for Attached Single Family Homes in Naperville: 6.68 months