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The Changing Residence With Aging Effects of Moving on Health

After moving to a nursing home, many people deteriorate mentally and physically. But some improve. People are likely to do well after entering a nursing home under two conditions: if the place they move to is a step up from their life outside, and if their personalities fit the requirements of nursing-home life.

If we are impoverished, in very bad health, and live an isolated life, going to a nursing home is likely to boost our health and well-being. Being there is an improvement from the terror of trying to cope outside.

Researchers find that people who are tough, assertive, and insensitive are also likely to do well in nursing homes because they have qualities that uniquely suit them for institutional living. Their talent for fighting gets them more of the limited resources available. Their harder-than-normal hearts help insulate them from the suffering around.

Luckily, the personality that equips us for success is very different in less harsh places. However, the criteria for judging whether we will do well are the same: Is the place you are going better or worse than the one you are coming from? Does your new home fit the kind of person you are?

For example, when gerontologist Frances Carp compared older people who had moved into a retirement residence – a high-rise building with a community center – with another group who had applied for the housing but stayed in their own homes, she discovered that, instead of being worse off, the people who moved were happier and healthier. Even though they were somewhat less involved with their families, they had more friends and were more active and involved in life than the non-movers.

One reason was that the retirement residence was indeed a better place than most of these low-income elderly were coming from. Not only was it physically more appealing, but it also offered a safer, socially richer life. But living in the residence was not good for everyone. Some people were unhappy after they moved. Introverts had particular trouble; they disliked the greater social pressure to get involved in their new home.

Their preferred style of living – to keep to themselves – did not fit the togetherness ethic at the residence, so they felt alienly uncomfortable, and unhappy after they moved. In other words, apart from whether it is better objectively, you must judge whether the place you are considering fits you emotionally.

In a 1985 follow-up to this study, Carp went back to the residence to find out what personality traits predict happiness in the housing of this type. She found that people who were congenial, extraverted, and well-adjusted were flourishing – content with themselves, popular with the staff and residents. So housing for older people is far from being all alike. The personal qualities that suit us for living in an unhappy place (a nursing home) and a happy one (this retirement residence) are totally opposite.

For the older people Carp studied, the move to the residence was a step up. Often there is no obvious difference in quality between retirement housing and what people can buy or rent outside. So, studies show that residents of retirement communities are on average as satisfied or happy as people who remain (or live) in traditional homes.

There also is no evidence that living in a retirement community decreases health problems or health complaints. But people who live in retirement housing, particularly places that have many programs, do tend to be more active socially. They are more involved in groups and leisure activities than the average person their age.

So the studies show that you will not die sooner (or live longer) by moving to a retirement community, and even though you may emerge a bit from your cocoon, neither will you shed a lifetime of shyness and become a social butterfly.

We take ourselves with us wherever we go. But since having the chance to live in this type of housing is such an interesting new opportunity that being older offers retirement communities deserve a closer look.


The Changing Residence Retirement Communities With Health

A retirement community is a self-contained complex for people over a certain age. However, this description says nothing about the variety that exists among the estimated 2,300 that have sprung up in every corner of America since the end of World War II. They are popular. About a million people are currently choosing the retirement community life.

A retirement community may be an entirely new town or subdivision. Or it can be a high-rise building. It may be in the middle of a forest or be a converted landmark in the center of town. It may range in size from a small mobile-home park to Sun City, Arizona, with its 45,000 residents.

A variety of housing designs and arrangements are available as well as a variety of agreements regarding financial and living commitments. Some communities offer a full range of recreational and educational activities – golf, tennis, indoor and outdoor pools, classes, a clubhouse.

Others provide varying levels of personal and medical care. Or a retirement community may be nothing more than a housing development restricted to people past a certain age. There are even retirement communities with no age restrictions at all.

For instance, the Greens at Leisure World, in Silver Spring, Maryland, is typical of a large recreation-oriented retirement complex. A variety of activities is available – a pool, tennis courts, golfing, exercise and card rooms, lectures, and classes and groups of different types. While the additional cost is very small, most of these amenities are not included in the monthly maintenance residents pay.

Homes here are relatively expensive, making the Greens primarily for upper-middle-class people (one spouse must be over fifty). Unlike its more isolated counterparts in Florida or Arizona, this retirement community is close to Washington, D.C. It has single-family homes, apartments, and semidetached units.

The Greens provides no paid-for medical care or meals (though there is a medical building near the grounds). Goodwin House, in Alexandria, Virginia, and Otterbein Home, in Lebanon, Ohio, typify housing for people who want to live in a place that includes more personal services and health care.

At Goodwin House (a single building) residents buy their apartments and then pay a substantial monthly fee. Their payment includes meals, personal and nursing care, and maid service, plus educational and recreational activities.

At Otterbein Home, the facilities are spread out more and differentiated by what are called levels of care. There are three types of independent housing – duplex apartments, cottages, and low-rise apartment buildings. In addition, there are three levels of health care – personal, intermediate, and skilled (the last two are classifications of nursing-home care).

Contracts involve an entrance fee and monthly payments, with a resident either paying for everything in a lump sum at the entrance and each month or paying extra when more medical or nursing care is needed. Goodwin House and Otterbein Home exemplify the most innovative type of retirement community – the continuing-care or life-care community.


The Two Aspects of Anxiety in Health Disease

The feeling of unease or dread which we experience as part of the anxiety alarm reaction is actually a feeling image of danger. The unconscious mind provides an image of what danger feels like. We are all more or less aware of how the unconscious mind operates in images because we experience some of the image logic of the unconscious mind in our dreams.

The feeling of anxiety is like an image provided by the unconscious mind, of what being in danger would feel like if one were in danger. It is equivalent to the feeling of guilt as a feeling image of what punishment would feel like if the person were being condemned by others.

The physical symptoms of anxiety

As well as experiencing a feeling of dread in the alarm reaction known as anxiety, we experience as well, various body feelings due to the actions of adrenaline and noradrenaline, released by the sympathetic nervous system. These messenger substances prepare the body for possible physical action, in case there is a necessity to fight or run away.

Thus the design of the anxiety alarm system includes the double function of warning and preparing for the possibility of danger. The body’s systems are designed to regard the possible threat as a danger that one could run away from, or defend oneself physically, against.

However, preparation for physical activity may be quite inappropriate. It is a fact that most of the dangers we face in our lives now are not things we can physically sprint from, or punch our way out of.

Preparation for ‘fight or flight’ is of no practical use to us if the threats we face are things like the possibility of being sued, or being financially ruined by a stock market crash.

Preparation for fight or flight in those circumstances just makes us physically uncomfortable. On the other hand, the discovery that we are sharing a paddock with a savage bull would be a danger in which our preparation for rapid physical flight would be highly appropriate and useful.

As you might imagine, preparing the body for possible urgent physical activity involves a number of changes to the functional state of a number of different systems of the body. To remember what all these changes are and the symptoms we might expect from them, all we need to do is picture what changes in the body are required to prepare us to run away as fast as possible, or hold ourselves ready to fight, tense and vigilant.

• The state of tension of the muscle fibers increases, making them contract more efficiently and quickly.
• Blood supply is re-directed to decrease blood flow to the skin, internal digestive organs and kidneys, and increase blood flow to the brain, heart, and muscles.
• The pulse rate increases, pushing nutrients faster around the body, providing more oxygen, and carrying away more carbon dioxide. The rate of breathing increases.
• The nervous system’s automatic reflexes are sharpened; the person becomes vigilant and able to react faster to stimuli.
• Glycogen in the liver breaks down into glucose, increasing the available nutrient supply to the heart, brain, and muscle.

The symptoms of anxiety, therefore, include feelings of muscle tension and fatigue, particularly in the chest muscles, neck, and back. In order to fight one needs to stand stiffly up, bracing oneself for the attack.

Muscle stiffness as a result of being in a continual state of preparation can cause soreness, spasm, and pain in the back, neck, and chest muscles. Increased tension of agonist and antagonist muscle groups causes tremors, or shakes, seen most easily in the hands.

This tense state of muscular preparedness feels very uncomfortable unless the tension is put to some use. Physical exercise, by giving the prepared muscles some work to do, can alleviate some of the physical discomforts.

The sharpening of nervous system reflexes, with increased vigilance, tends to interfere with the person’s ability to sleep. Stimulation of the heart by the sympathetic nervous system may produce an awareness of rapid heart rate, flutters, and palpitations. The changes in blood supply and motility of the internal digestive organs can produce unpleasant feelings in the abdomen, and variable effects on bladder and bowel function.


The Primary Hiv Infection is Against for Your Health

Until now, the mainstay of HIV testing and surveillance efforts has been the testing of patients at increased risk for chronic HIV infection. However, an increasing focus of attention is the recognition and diagnosis of primary HIV infection.

Up to 90% of patients experience some symptoms at the time of initial infection with HIV, but the diagnosis is missed in the overwhelming majority of cases. This has important prognostic implications for the patient and the population as a whole, as a diagnosis of primary HIV infection could

• Prompt early antiretroviral treatment, which may
• Delay the onset of symptomatic acquired immune deficiency syndrome
• Decrease future viral load “set point,” or the maximum viral load that a patient may achieve off of antiretroviral therapy
• Preserve, to some extent, native immunity against HIV
• Identify HIV-infected patients up to 10 to 15 years before they would otherwise be diagnosed, which may
• Limit the epidemic spread of the virus
• Allow for retrospective identification of patients likely to have transmitted the infection

Furthermore, recent studies suggest that obtaining an HIV genotype in recently infected patients has a significant yield for the discovery of resistant viral populations, which could have an important impact on the choice of antiretroviral treatment regimen and the chance of success.

One of the major barriers to the diagnosis of primary HIV infection is the nonspecific nature of the clinical presentation: it can look like mononucleosis, influenza, or other nonspecific viral illnesses. In many cases, careful scrutiny will reveal symptoms not typical of these illnesses, but in most the provider must have a high index of suspicion in order to offer HIV testing.

The most common presenting symptoms of primary HIV infection are fever, macule popular rash, and pharyngitis, or oral ulcers. Fever is present in approximately 80% of primary HIV infection cases, and rash, or pharyngeal disease, myalgia’s or arthralgia’s, and fatigue are present in approximately 60% of cases.

These symptoms are common to a number of other illnesses, and providers should consider primary HIV infection in the differential diagnosis of syndromes such as infectious mononucleosis (particularly hater pile-negative) or streptococcal pharyngitis (particularly when rapid streptococcal testing or culture findings are negative).

In high-risk populations, some of the more common symptoms of primary HIV infection (e.g., fever, rash, malaise) have positive predictive values of 25% to 35%. Combining any two of these symptoms (e.g., fever and rash) increases the positive predictive value of the clinical syndrome to 50%.

However, these numbers should be applied with caution – they may be applicable in high-risk populations, but in wider use, the positive predictive value of any symptomatic diagnosis alone will fall dramatically as patients at lower risk are included.

Nevertheless, given the value of identification of primary HIV infection and the relative infrequency of false-positive HIV test results, providers should strongly consider testing for primary HIV infection when patients have analogous clinical syndromes with no known cause.


The Selling Real Estate in Chicago Takes One Thing Patience

I found this quote online and thought it appropriate. Over the past several weeks I have spoken about what obstacles buyers have been facing with the current real estate market here in Chicago and how obtaining loans is becoming difficult.

On the flip side of that issue and what I’ll be focusing on tonight, is how these new loan standards are just one more thing that sellers have to deal with. The word patience is one that I seem to be using on a daily basis. It’s almost like a dirty word…it’s something you don’t want to hear even though you know it is the truth. This is never more evident than speaking of the current real estate market.

From the first time I sit down with a prospective seller, I stress their need to be patient. What I speak of at that point is patience to trust their marketing strategy and acquire a ready, willing, and able buyer (AKA: get an offer!!) With today’s standards this could take upwards of 4-6 months. Common sense is thrown out the window when it comes to the timing.

I’ve seen beautiful properties with absolutely nothing wrong with them in the traditional sense just take a long time to sell. So we need patience. Now I’m finding that I need to use the word at a different point in the process. Now we have to use the word even after we’ve found that ready, willing, and able buyer.

In traditional contracts that I see put together, there will more times than not be a mortgage contingency. This contingency period will be anywhere from 3-4 weeks. Terms are laid out and agreed upon such as interest rate, down payment, origination fees, etc.

Back in the good old days, you could feel comfortable that there was little risk involved with this contingency by asking for a pre-approval letter and my job was normally to introduce myself to the lender and ask some questions about the prospective buyer.

With this being done and checking in once a week’s problem was avoided, the contingency was met and we eventually closed on the property. All of this is still performed but those 3-4 weeks are a little more nerve-wracking.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier thing, that was geared more for future buyers, we’re seeing people with good to great credit and some money down running into what everyone thought was unforeseen problems.

Loan standards are getting more difficult and what looked like a slam dunk is quickly turning into a turnover Basketball reference. With higher down payment demands we quickly look at how this affects the buyer but forget that there is a seller who has “patiently” been waiting for full approval and a clear to close as well.

Sellers are taking their properties off-market for weeks at a time trusting that the buyer’s loan will get approved. Herein lies the problem. It’s not the buyer’s fault. All things point towards buyers getting approved with no real issue.

The issue arises as loan standards change with little notice and new requirements push the buyer out of purchasing the property they were under contract with. We aren’t finding out about these problems until a full loan application has been submitted and sent to underwriting.

It’s funny, I fully intended on writing two paragraphs on this subject and moving on with my life but as usual, I’ve written a short novel. Most of this stemmed from a Chicago Tribune article I’m about to shamelessly plug the point of all this being that if you’re selling in this market please do be patient.

It may not be what you want to hear but I’d rather be the one to say it upfront than telling you things are great and you’re going to sell in 5 days for over asking price. That may get me more initial business but on day 6 of the listing, we may not be friends anymore when we have not sold and I’ll probably be removed from your Christmas card list.

I’d love to hear if anybody has run into this problem from either perspective…buy or sell?  As things keep changing I think the best thing we can do is talk to one another about our experiences so we are all prepared and the surprises are minimized. As always spread the word of the blog. I’m here to help and pass along any knowledge I have remaining about my chosen profession. Good Luck and keep up the good fight.


Getting Your Car Rental San Francisco Online Will Save You Time and Money

Is the idea of taking some time off from work and going on a nice trip something that has crossed your mind recently? For anyone who answered yes to that question, it is time for you to take care of some tasks so that you can make that thought a reality. If you are like the majority of people, the first task that is probably on your mind is getting a flight arranged.

Obviously, you can’t take a trip if you don’t have a flight, so it makes sense to get this taken care of before you start making a lot of other reservations for your trip. By getting your flight reserved and confirmed, you can proceed to the other tasks on your list without worrying about your plans getting changed.

After the flight, the normal task to follow on the list is to find a hotel room that can be reserved for the duration of the trip. As a result of a hotel room being a major requirement for any trip to actually go smoothly, it’s not hard to understand why this has a significant position on most people’s lists.

You may think that you are ready to go once you get your hotel room and flight, but there are actually other arrangements you need to think about. While it may not have landed at the top of your list, knowing how you are going to get around during your trip is something that is quite significant.

You can ponder different ways to get around during your trip, but the bottom line is the one that’s going to ensure you can get from one place to another is renting a car to drive. Since you know what you need to do, it is time for you to get started.

What is the easiest and most convenient way to get a car rental, San Francisco? Thanks to its speed and ease of use, the Internet is the best way for you to book a car rental, San Francisco. More specifically, this web site is the way for you to get a car rental, San Francisco.

Since you were told to use this web site, you are probably wondering why. The reason you can always feel confident that you are using the best service available to find your car rental San Francisco is because we work directly with Vroom Vroom Vroom. Vroom Vroom Vroom gives you the ability to compare offers and prices from all of the major car rental companies in the United States.

The great thing about Vroom Vroom Vroom is not only done they possess top of the line technology, but they also take the task of customer service very seriously. As long as you use this site and Vroom Vroom Vroom to find your car rental San Francisco, you will always have a smooth experience and won’t have to worry about encountering any problems once your trip actually gets started!


The E-cigs Healthier and Cost-effective for Your

We are offered a great innovation that every single smoker should learn about. It is the electronic cigarette which is shifting the lawful scenery for smokers around the globe. The electronic cigarette offers to smokers an effective simulation of the connection with using a standard cigarette, with no health and wellbeing or legal issues.

Although e-cigs seem, taste, and feel the same as traditional cigarettes, they function in a different method. E-cigarettes never truly burn tobacco, instead, whenever you take a puff from this cigarette, you trigger a flow sensor that makes a vapor that consists of nicotine and aroma which mimics the flavor associated with tobacco.

This all indicates that e-cigs cause you to receive your nicotine fix although maintaining free from all the malignant agents located within classic cigarettes including glue, tar, a lot of chemicals, and hydrocarbons. An e-cig includes a flavor of tobacco although not any dangerous substances recognized in standard cigarettes enabling smokers’ urges to become fulfilled without exposing themselves to varied harmful toxins.

A battery power, an atomizer, and the rechargeable nicotine holding enable the smoker to smoke the e-cigarette the same as they would smoke a normal cigarette, even generating vapor that appears like smoke and spark while they inhale. The nicotine cartridge is actually beneficial since cartridges can be found in various strengths, allowing the consumer to lower the amount of nicotine they take.

A nicotine container usually lasts just like 15 or 20 typical cigarettes, therefore making a considerable saving of money. Normal, medium, very low, and nicotine-free would be the different cartridge strengths.
As well as being far healthier than classic cigarettes and as significantly, it is a fact that e-cigs tend to be absolutely legal.

Since electric cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, you might legitimately smoke them anyplace that common cigarettes aren’t allowed such as dining places, bars, workplaces, airports along other places. Moreover, e-cigs allow you to smoke without worries associated with imposing harm on others caused by terribly used smoking.

So, those who don’t smoke will also benefit, since there isn’t any passive smoking with this cigarette.

The great point about e-cigs, as opposed to nicotine patches, is that electric cigarettes create the same tactile sensation that smokers wish, simultaneously pleasing one’s tobacco desires too.

When you inhale from an e-cigarette you’re able to sense your lungs fill with a hot tobacco tasting smoke so that as you exhale sort of smoke appears just such as in normal smoking, nonetheless, as pointed out, that smoke is actually a non-harmful vapor that rapidly vanishes and therefore does not hurt anybody around you.

While e-cigs happen to be known for years in various incarnations, it has been the latest developments within the technological innovation in addition to growing constraints towards smoking which have forced the e-cigs right into a newly discovered popularity.

If you may be considering a healthier choice of smoking, or should you just wish to feel liberated to smoke wherever you would like, an e-cig may well function as the alternative you’ve been looking for.


The Different Styles for Different People in Fashion

In the world of fashion, no two styles are completely alike. Today’s fashion trends tend to make it very easy to create your own unique style but if you prefer to stick with what is featured in the latest fashion magazines, you can easily do that as well.

Everyone has their own fashion sense and how you dress is a direct reflection of your personality. There are different styles where clothing is concerned and while you may very well fall into one of these categories, you may also be a combination of two or more.

Modern fashion styles are those that are worn by celebrities, supermodels, and just anyone who really wants to keep up with the latest designer trends. There are a number of modern looks available and this range depending on the age group that you most prefer to dress like. Modern styles are available for men, women, and children of all ages and you can spot what is hot in the modern fashion world by simply keeping up with the latest fashion shows.

Vintage styles are a bit more traditional and normally incorporate looks from years gone by. You may really like the look of the flapper dresses from the last year and chances are that there is something that you can buy that closely resembles those dresses.

You can find some designers that actually work with vintage designs and simply add their own unique flair to those pieces. If you are more traditional than modern, you may prefer the vintage style.

There are also funkier styles that resemble the punk rock days from the early year. Bright colors, tight clothing, and lots of jewelry add to the funky style and you can tell this style if you walk into any high school in the nation. There are always teenagers who prefer this style because it allows them to be a bit more creative and better express their own personalities.

If you are someone who likes to walk outside the line and think for yourself where fashion is concerned, the funky style may be your style. You can find many stores both online and off that offer funky fashions or just go into your closet and see if you have any neon’s leftover from the ‘80s.

Some prefer a mixture of all of these styles. If you want to be a bit casual but a bit modern as well, you can simply incorporate a few pieces from each different category. Remember that not everyone is just like where fashion is concerned so it is very likely that you prefer looks from all of these categories.

You may like vintage dresses but prefer to dress them up with a bit of funky jewelry. Everyone has their own unique style when it comes right down to it and while you can still follow the latest trends, it is important for your own creativity that you allow yourself to express your own personality in the clothes and jewelry that you wear.


Is This the Perfect Time to Buy an Austin Home or Move Up

If I choose to sell my house fast in Houston it means I am going to need to have another house lined up ready to move into. People often ask when the right time to buy an Austin home is. Do you need to take a few things into consideration such as is your employment stable? Also, you need to check out your financial status.

Buying and selling require fees to real estates, stamp duty, repairs, and Reno’s before you sell and whether you have enough finances for a house deposit for your new place as well as if there are any urgent repairs needing to be done before you can move in. If your employment is stable and your finances are in a good position then you can look into buying and selling now.

If you are buying a home the best time is winter. During the holidays it is quiet, people go away and see family or take well-earned holidays, so the competitors are fairly quiet and it’s likely you won’t have much competition when placing an offer or bid.

Winter months are slow and quiet its best to buy in this time but not so much for selling its best to wait until spring or summer. During winter you can sometimes offer a lower price and because it’s a slow time and the seller is looking for a quick sale they may be happy to take your offer.

If you look over statistics you will find houses were brought for less than in summer and spring.

When wondering if it’s the right time to buy takes into consideration the interest rates. If they have been low for some time and look to be heading up next year, then jump on the wagon now and lock it in.

Interest rates impact what you pay monthly for your mortgage payment so if you buy while the rate is low then you are buying more homes for less.

You can have a good chat with the real estate agents or a financial broker. A real estate mind you cannot predict what is going to happen one or two years away from now, but they can access information about the area and check over how houses in that area have been selling.

Real estates can give you an idea of how your home with go in the investment market for the whole time you have the mortgage.

Real estates can negotiate for you as well and may be able to get you a better deal. A financial broker will help you to determine if it’s the right time to buy a home in Houston by checking over your income and financial records and see where you currently sit.

They can give you a rough estimate on monthly payments for the amount you want to borrow this leaves you in a position to be able to decide if its suits to buy now or put it off until you are in a better position or the market is sitting somewhere healthier.